Software Freedom Day

Welcome to Software Freedom Day 2020 CFP

What is Software Freedom Day!

Software Freedom Day is an event held all across the world to celebrate the usage of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The event aims to sensitize students about the virtues of Open Source Software and encourages it usage.

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

We value any proposal you may submit. As it is our goal to put SFD on the map when it comes to quality, we will consider any talks and/or workshop proposals submitted by experts and qualified professionals. It does not matter to us if you are new to the stage or a veteran presenter – if you know that you have something to contribute to SFD 2020 we would love to hear from you.

How to write a proposal?

In your proposal, include the topic of the talk, explain in a short sentence what the audience will learn and include estimated duration of the talk.
Tell us why you think that the chosen talk or workshop is insightful and helpful to the audience.
Explain how you will present the subject and enlighten the audience so that the subject is well received.
Who from the audience will benefit from your presentation or workshop? Is knowledge in specific areas needed in advance to follow along.


  • No promotion for products or companies, no call for 'we are hiring' (but you may name your employer
  • Talks and presentations can vary from 30 minutes minimum to 45 minutes maximum. They can be anything related to Open Source Software.
  • If you are planning a workshop then please ensure you stipulate estimated duration of the workshop in your proposal as well as provide us with a sample material that you will be using.
  • lightning talks are 10 minutes talks and are useful if you feel that a particular subject matter warrants a closer look but does not require a full on presentation.
  • We encourage a wide range of topic spanning from development, business solution and personal experience among others. Please let us know in advance what media are you planning to use and if you have any special / out of ordinary requirements.

Submit Your Proposal